Month: January 2014

How to improve your profile and haves it more interesting to meet new people online

Many times when we are looking for meet many people online, only we look at what have other profiles and which seem more interesting to send invitations and get to know them, but at some point we started to think about how is our profile? Or if Is it striking to other people? Optimize your profile will facilitate much to know more people and in many cases to find your love, the complete data will allow you to properly be defined and introduce to others about what you want of a partner. This might take your time but it’s worth so you must complete all sections and answer questions if any in the system or website dating, this will also allow to the meet more people, there are sites that propose the type of people that are more compatible with you depending on your profile data, its mean find people who have the same preferences or tastes.

What kind of person would you like to know?

Currently there are many websites dating, where on the summary data of users have sections where you can put a specific info about which are the features of person you want to meet and in the other section to put about yourself, what kind of person you are, this is very useful and need to fill all costs, plus this will not take long time.

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It is also very flattering put what you do in your free time because others also complete these sections, on the other hand I also recommend that you specify a few things about the kind of people you would like to know, if has or not work, if like to smoke, or have at least photo avatar among others or if he has cats among other things of your choice.

Be careful how you Shares info about yourself

observation, try make attractive the information you share about yourself or same, it must be only true or real information, type your hobbies, your interests and your strengths, information about your pet, what kind of activities do you do.

why you have to do that?

The best reason I can give you is that more people will write you, its mean more people will feel attracted to you according to your characteristics, in addition to the search tools of the site, to many other sites can find people using specifics characteristics in particular, such as age , physical condition, if smoke or not , language or country you live among many other things .

Uploading Pictures

I recommend you having a good Avatar, also upload photos about your free time, always smiling, with a background of a trip or walk, is better if your photos show all your body or half body in this way you will give an idea to people visiting you profile about which is the current fitness level. Remember, excess is not good, do not put too many photos.

What not to put in your profile?

Never share info about you work, do not write about personal problems or if you are divorced or widow, neither you criticize yourself, not talk about your excesses or defects such as you are very sensitive or you’re allergic to something, that give a bad impression, either you put pictures with the opposite sex in compromising situations or Photos by example in which you are drunk. Remember you’re looking to meet new people not repel them That will be all for now do not forget that now you have a pending work if you want more people to send you invitations and so more opportunities to find love for you.

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